Thewes 001Hey Everyone! Thanks for checking out my website. You are probably asking yourself, "Who is this guy?" Great question......

I am the youngest of four children; mom was an elementary school teacher and dad was an iron worker. We were raised on the West Side of Cleveland in Lakewood, Ohio. Being a Buckeye, I celebrate the wins and (occasionally) the losses of the Browns, Indians, and Cavs.

In my freshman year of high school, I went to audition with my sister for the musical "Grease". Not knowing I needed a song to sing, I was told to sing "Happy Birthday". No problem. But, I was told I had to sing to a girl..... Gulp! And not just any girl...... A Cheerleader! That was the first show I was ever in.

Thankfully I have made it through a few more auditions since then. I have gone from playing a Shawnee Indian riding horses in Southern Ohio, to singing and dancing in the Pocono and Adirondack Mountains, to playing a Klingon in an amusement park in Cincinnati, OH, to being in the resident company of the Burt Reynolds Theater in West Palm Beach, FL (my first winter without snow!). This led up to NYC where I have worked in both musicals and legit plays; resume building shows, and those I actually told people about.

Also, I have worked in television and films from roles on ABC's "Dirty Sexy Money" and the feature film "The Other Guys", to HGTV, to short films, and student films.

With all this acting work, I have worked survival jobs as well: making pretzels at Cleveland Stadium, landscaping, lifeguarding, grocery inventory checker, dinner theater waiter, Assistant Buyer at Bloomingdales (what, seriously?), carpenter, garbage man (one of the best jobs ever), bookkeeper in a fly fishing store, and many more. I have also worked in off-Broadway theaters as a stage carpenter and follow spot operator.

And with all of this, can I find time for a hobby? Sure, it's called running! I have run distances from 5k to 60k. One of my favorite races was the 2012 Cleveland Marathon I ran with my brothers and sister.

So, where do I go from here? Anywhere, as far as I'm concerned. Stay tuned to see.....